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Auto-Cleaning Type F

Type Description:

Auto-Cleaning Type F:Available for adding the cleaning liquid to keep the machine inside be good.

Technology Specification:

Item No. Type F                   
Power 375/450/560/750W
Voltage 220V
RPM 2750(rpm)/min
Torque 1.3-2.5N.m
Frequency 50-60Hz
Motor DC Perpetual Magnetsim                         
Grinding Strength High Performance
Crushing Granule Diameter < 2mm
Superchanged Design for Liquid Discharge Yes
Liquid Drainage Speed Reinforced pressure with 5-9 times of the original pressure 
Overload Protection Standard 
Soundproof Standard Mute
Dishwasher Connectable
Warranty 2 years
Application Household
Body Diameter 140mm 
Mouth Diameter 112/114.5mm
Height 330/355mm
Volume 1,000ml
Color Black/white/Customized

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